Self Assessment

Least Approachable

What did worked the least for me was the Mashup Presentation. Although I was very happy with the outcome I constructed, I did not feel as though I got to the result appropriately. I know that art does not have a right and wrong way of doing things, but what I would wish to see in the future is different guidelines and tools we can use to accomplish out art pieces. That goes for the multitude of our works such as the Impossible Worlds Project as well.

Most Approachable

What worked best for me was probably the Generative Project Assessment. I enjoy the phenomenon that is social media. The art pieces that we created became little social experiments that I found fascinating. I would have like to do more in this nature and had other ideas to have come to life. The feedback on the dry run through was exactly what I needed to make my Generative Project Assessment more appealing to an audience.


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