Generative Process: Final Project

Screenshot (2)

Subject vs Content

An Uncensored Photo of my Foot displays a foot with multiple censorship stamps across to cover up a tattoo. The category this listing was put under was “Weird Stuff> Slightly Unusual. Subject being labeled as, “Stupid”, and auctioned starting at $.01. Along with the appeal of free shipping, that all EBay goers look for when buying, is a brief description of why this tattoo was conceived. “One of a kind. Though silly in nature, it is a tattoo that I got for my sisters. We were all supposed to get our own version of this tattoo. In the end, I am the only one who did. Do I regret it? Not for a second. I love my sisters and the silliness that I see every time I look at it will remind me of them”.

Christopher Napolitan suggested I give a little background story as to why I got the tattoo. If anything, this would add to people’s curiosity. We all have stories to tell. And a lot of them are implanted on our bodies. Whether it be a scar, a bald spot, or even tattoos. It is what makes us different from the heard. I had two bids on the first draft of this project. After the auction was over, I sent them the unaltered photo as promised along with a refund. Now that’s customer service! What those two bids told me is that there are curious people out there that need to know the unknown. That is a very primal action to have. And even though they were sitting and scrolling through their computer or smartphone, they still had that sense of wonder.


And of course… The tattoo for all you to see.

Stay Curious


Say hello to Batman Peanut. It doesn’t need to make sense to you. just to me.



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