I Got You Bae: Remix, Reload, Mashup



       I Got You Bae uses the video of a Kanye West and Jay-Z song with their introduction to the song in tact. After the Hype up though, Jay-Z and Kanye are replaced with the musical attributes of Sonny and Cher and their 1965 hit, I Got You Babe. The flashing lights and the kaleidoscope-like video effect help to give off the allusion that Kanye and Jay-Z are actually singing this flower power song as opposed to hip-hop. It was suggested that i use longer footage and a better quality video by Professor Johnson. I believe that I Got You Bae would fall under parody for the fair use policy. The nature of this video appearing silly and not taken seriously would bring it to this concluding without consideration.

Ever since man kind learned of rhyme, there has been scrutiny for those who listen to certain material. In 1965, I Got You Babe was a product of the Hippie generation which lead to stereotypes of lazy, drug using, sex crazed, youth. Today this song could be considered a hallmark of the time in history. For hip-hop and other Genres of today’s youth, the scrutiny continues. But is there really a difference between Sonny and Cher vs Kanye and Jay-Z? Or is it that the youth of one period has grown up and become just as cynical as their parents were? And will Millennial be trapped in the same cycle of thinking as their parents?

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