Just One/ Impossible World


Subject vs Content:

      Just One is a short stop motion film created by John Ryan Fry. The 55 minute video has multiple different objects that appear to come to life on the kitchen table. It starts with a blue craft beer can that scoots its was to the middle of the screen. It is then accompanied by the baby toy and Sippy cup rotating. these two object don’t stop moving throughout the video. Then a toy pig comes onto the screen to roll and move the beer can and itself out of view. A parade of dollar bills and change makes its way onto the screen and piles itself up on one another. The money then stays on the screen for the duration. A six-pack of beer cans then comes onto the screen only to be pushed away by a falling tablet. The beer cans then climb on top of the tablet and begin to crush themselves. The photo of the baby and his parents pushing him in a swing then pushes its way to the camera only to fall over. The camera then angles down to look at the fallen picture frame when a wedding ring appears and climbs on the flipped over frame. The blue beer can then reappears and is picked up by a hand. The scene then goes dark.

This short video does not take much to dissect. An addiction can start off as a harmless beer. It can transition into a long term obstacle that their mate can’t handle. whether the money is for a divorce, alimony, child support, or to feed the addiction itself is open for debate. It would appear that in the end the alcohol won. But did it? This could be a friendly reminder that sure, alcohol in the right setting can make for a good time. But if not careful, one can destroy everything they created and love.

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