Artist Report

Your Artist is________________Heath Bunting_______________________

On your word press blog, and here below please paste 5 artworks in jpeg or video URL format. Please put the title, date and medium below each image

1. Own, Be Owned or Remain Invisible 1998

2. Sticker Groups And Packs Graffiti, 2007.


3. King’s Cross Phone-In, 5 August 1994, Location: London’s King’s Cross Railway Station

4. A Map of Terrorism 2008 (Note: I recommend visiting the URL because the picture does not do it justice. It also needs to be zoomed in a few times to read the labels).

5. Graffiti Stencils 1992.


Critic Review:

Heath actually tales a review by James Flint for the Telegraph, in order to create his art, which i found interesting.

The Art Stack: His work often explores the porosity of borders, both in physical space and online.

Steve Dietz, The Work: [In reference to the words not linked to] 

These words all relate to Bunting, his family, his work, and his beliefs (“create disbelief”). In essence, they are the words he is taking ownership of. On the surface, they are invisible, but under the surface, in the code, he’s keeping them, hanging onto his identity. It’s not insignificant, however, that the code comes to the surface by merely selecting “View Source.” It’s not that there is anything essential or core in this “found” text by a newspaper reporter, but Bunting is making a choice about its contents. Not a bad metaphor for identity in the Net age.

Please share a statement from an art historian, critic or journalist about your artist:

Of the five projects I have chosen of Heath’s, his 1998 piece Own, Be Owned, or Remain Invisible intrigued me the most. Heath appropriates an article about himself written by a British newspaper The Telegraph. He links almost every word in the article to  a  we browser which will take you to either an owned website titled by the linked word or an unclaimed domain (many words today are owned by companies and organizations but at the time this was created very few were owned; which spoke of the time Heath was addressing). The article is displayed on a plain white background with faint grey font. Every time the user (the audience) would click on a word the browser would take you to a different domain leaving them needing to return to the article. Once clicked on, the word would be displayed in traditional black font, allowing the reader to more easily decipher the article.

Bunting addressed the way society is materializing the internet. The reader may be shocked to fined some ridiculous words to be commercialized for a company’s profit. How can someone own the word “the” you might ask, but sure enough it is.  Bunting was concerned with the internet was the “visibility vs invisibility”. The changing color scheme of the domain names represents the still relevant problem with the internet. What is private and what is public? How can someone own a public word? The only words that have no link are those that Heath describes his personality with. His reasoning is that he chooses to, “remain invisible”. Or in my interpretation it means he is a free being with no owner.


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