The Plant Cyborg: Listening to Nature

The India Plant Project, Finding its base at Rutgers University, has developed a collaboration between robotics and plant life they call “the FloraBorg”. It is essentially a plant cyborg. The vehicular Robot, powered by solar energy  is programmed to transport itself to an area with sunlight. A sensory tool has been designed on the machine to help it avoid obstacles. With a plant mounted on the machine, the plant is able to benefit from the technology in order to flourish. The programming allows for the machine to compensate for different species of plants’ needs.

As technology advances, there are many skeptics that assume we as humans will secularize ourselves from nature. That as the more technology we use, will distance ourselves from the environment. The India Plant Project challenges those ideas, proving that in the robotic age that humans can interact and communicate with lifeforms like never before. Instead of the “Terminator” future that many fear, we see more and more advances where engineering and biology come together to form the next stage in evolution. Not just for humans, but for all lifeforms.

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