I Got You Bae: Remix, Reload, Mashup



       I Got You Bae uses the video of a Kanye West and Jay-Z song with their introduction to the song in tact. After the Hype up though, Jay-Z and Kanye are replaced with the musical attributes of Sonny and Cher and their 1965 hit, I Got You Babe. The flashing lights and the kaleidoscope-like video effect help to give off the allusion that Kanye and Jay-Z are actually singing this flower power song as opposed to hip-hop. It was suggested that i use longer footage and a better quality video by Professor Johnson. I believe that I Got You Bae would fall under parody for the fair use policy. The nature of this video appearing silly and not taken seriously would bring it to this concluding without consideration.

Ever since man kind learned of rhyme, there has been scrutiny for those who listen to certain material. In 1965, I Got You Babe was a product of the Hippie generation which lead to stereotypes of lazy, drug using, sex crazed, youth. Today this song could be considered a hallmark of the time in history. For hip-hop and other Genres of today’s youth, the scrutiny continues. But is there really a difference between Sonny and Cher vs Kanye and Jay-Z? Or is it that the youth of one period has grown up and become just as cynical as their parents were? And will Millennial be trapped in the same cycle of thinking as their parents?

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Self Assessment

Least Approachable

What did worked the least for me was the Mashup Presentation. Although I was very happy with the outcome I constructed, I did not feel as though I got to the result appropriately. I know that art does not have a right and wrong way of doing things, but what I would wish to see in the future is different guidelines and tools we can use to accomplish out art pieces. That goes for the multitude of our works such as the Impossible Worlds Project as well.

Most Approachable

What worked best for me was probably the Generative Project Assessment. I enjoy the phenomenon that is social media. The art pieces that we created became little social experiments that I found fascinating. I would have like to do more in this nature and had other ideas to have come to life. The feedback on the dry run through was exactly what I needed to make my Generative Project Assessment more appealing to an audience.


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Generative Process: Final Project

Screenshot (2)

Subject vs Content

An Uncensored Photo of my Foot displays a foot with multiple censorship stamps across to cover up a tattoo. The category this listing was put under was “Weird Stuff> Slightly Unusual. Subject being labeled as, “Stupid”, and auctioned starting at $.01. Along with the appeal of free shipping, that all EBay goers look for when buying, is a brief description of why this tattoo was conceived. “One of a kind. Though silly in nature, it is a tattoo that I got for my sisters. We were all supposed to get our own version of this tattoo. In the end, I am the only one who did. Do I regret it? Not for a second. I love my sisters and the silliness that I see every time I look at it will remind me of them”.

Christopher Napolitan suggested I give a little background story as to why I got the tattoo. If anything, this would add to people’s curiosity. We all have stories to tell. And a lot of them are implanted on our bodies. Whether it be a scar, a bald spot, or even tattoos. It is what makes us different from the heard. I had two bids on the first draft of this project. After the auction was over, I sent them the unaltered photo as promised along with a refund. Now that’s customer service! What those two bids told me is that there are curious people out there that need to know the unknown. That is a very primal action to have. And even though they were sitting and scrolling through their computer or smartphone, they still had that sense of wonder.


And of course… The tattoo for all you to see.

Stay Curious


Say hello to Batman Peanut. It doesn’t need to make sense to you. just to me.



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Generative Dry Run




My initial idea was to post something I could not give. I came up with the idea to sell the un censored image of the tattoo on my foot. In detail, I listed it with all the necessities in place. At a $0.05 biding, someone actually showed interest!

Curiosity finds us all

Screenshot (2)


My other idea I put to light. I took one picture of myself and used different instagram filters on different parts of my face. I then put my face back together. Not to sound petty, but I will post a picture to my IG and get anywhere from 10-50 likes (mostly because of my adorable son) but on this post, I may have received 1 like. As Elizabeth Demaray said, art often creates something people are not used to seeing.


Screenshot (3).png



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Just One/ Impossible World


Subject vs Content:

      Just One is a short stop motion film created by John Ryan Fry. The 55 minute video has multiple different objects that appear to come to life on the kitchen table. It starts with a blue craft beer can that scoots its was to the middle of the screen. It is then accompanied by the baby toy and Sippy cup rotating. these two object don’t stop moving throughout the video. Then a toy pig comes onto the screen to roll and move the beer can and itself out of view. A parade of dollar bills and change makes its way onto the screen and piles itself up on one another. The money then stays on the screen for the duration. A six-pack of beer cans then comes onto the screen only to be pushed away by a falling tablet. The beer cans then climb on top of the tablet and begin to crush themselves. The photo of the baby and his parents pushing him in a swing then pushes its way to the camera only to fall over. The camera then angles down to look at the fallen picture frame when a wedding ring appears and climbs on the flipped over frame. The blue beer can then reappears and is picked up by a hand. The scene then goes dark.

This short video does not take much to dissect. An addiction can start off as a harmless beer. It can transition into a long term obstacle that their mate can’t handle. whether the money is for a divorce, alimony, child support, or to feed the addiction itself is open for debate. It would appear that in the end the alcohol won. But did it? This could be a friendly reminder that sure, alcohol in the right setting can make for a good time. But if not careful, one can destroy everything they created and love.

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Artist Report

Your Artist is________________Heath Bunting_______________________

On your word press blog, and here below please paste 5 artworks in jpeg or video URL format. Please put the title, date and medium below each image

1. Own, Be Owned or Remain Invisible 1998  http://www.irational.org/heath/_readme.html

2. Sticker Groups And Packs Graffiti, 2007. http://irational.org/heath/sticker_groups_and_packs_graffiti/


3. King’s Cross Phone-In, 5 August 1994, Location: London’s King’s Cross Railway Station  http://artelectronicmedia.com/artwork/kings-cross-phone-in

4. A Map of Terrorism 2008 (Note: I recommend visiting the URL because the picture does not do it justice. It also needs to be zoomed in a few times to read the labels).  http://status.irational.org/map_of_terrorism/a1003_a_terrorist_background-pdf

5. Graffiti Stencils 1992.  http://www.irational.org/heath/stencil_graffiti/stencil_graffiti_police_control_room_avon_gorge_bunker_door_bristol02.jpg


Critic Review:

Heath actually tales a review by James Flint for the Telegraph, in order to create his art, which i found interesting.

The Art Stack: His work often explores the porosity of borders, both in physical space and online.

Steve Dietz, The Work: [In reference to the words not linked to words.com] 

These words all relate to Bunting, his family, his work, and his beliefs (“create disbelief”). In essence, they are the words he is taking ownership of. On the surface, they are invisible, but under the surface, in the code, he’s keeping them, hanging onto his identity. It’s not insignificant, however, that the code comes to the surface by merely selecting “View Source.” It’s not that there is anything essential or core in this “found” text by a newspaper reporter, but Bunting is making a choice about its contents. Not a bad metaphor for identity in the Net age.

Please share a statement from an art historian, critic or journalist about your artist:

Of the five projects I have chosen of Heath’s, his 1998 piece Own, Be Owned, or Remain Invisible intrigued me the most. Heath appropriates an article about himself written by a British newspaper The Telegraph. He links almost every word in the article to  a  we browser Insertword.com which will take you to either an owned website titled by the linked word or an unclaimed domain (many words today are owned by companies and organizations but at the time this was created very few were owned; which spoke of the time Heath was addressing). The article is displayed on a plain white background with faint grey font. Every time the user (the audience) would click on a word the browser would take you to a different domain leaving them needing to return to the article. Once clicked on, the word would be displayed in traditional black font, allowing the reader to more easily decipher the article.

Bunting addressed the way society is materializing the internet. The reader may be shocked to fined some ridiculous words to be commercialized for a company’s profit. How can someone own the word “the” you might ask, but sure enough it is.  Bunting was concerned with the internet was the “visibility vs invisibility”. The changing color scheme of the domain names represents the still relevant problem with the internet. What is private and what is public? How can someone own a public word? The only words that have no link are those that Heath describes his personality with. His reasoning is that he chooses to, “remain invisible”. Or in my interpretation it means he is a free being with no owner.




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The Plant Cyborg: Listening to Nature

The India Plant Project, Finding its base at Rutgers University, has developed a collaboration between robotics and plant life they call “the FloraBorg”. It is essentially a plant cyborg. The vehicular Robot, powered by solar energy  is programmed to transport itself to an area with sunlight. A sensory tool has been designed on the machine to help it avoid obstacles. With a plant mounted on the machine, the plant is able to benefit from the technology in order to flourish. The programming allows for the machine to compensate for different species of plants’ needs.

As technology advances, there are many skeptics that assume we as humans will secularize ourselves from nature. That as the more technology we use, will distance ourselves from the environment. The India Plant Project challenges those ideas, proving that in the robotic age that humans can interact and communicate with lifeforms like never before. Instead of the “Terminator” future that many fear, we see more and more advances where engineering and biology come together to form the next stage in evolution. Not just for humans, but for all lifeforms.

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